Why Hire Me?

David Tinney has been organising events, speaking, coaching and training people in verbal and written communication for over 30 years, and it is this experience he brings to your event as a Toastmaster.  He gives that heir of authority, without being overbearing.
David also has experience working with the Television Media and at the top levels in Government, all bringing that Professional touch to your event, whatever it may be.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life.  However, as we all know, on occasions things may not quite go according to plan.


By placing your wedding in David's hands, he will look after all the details and ensure the day runs smoothly, with those 'little things' taken care of in a professional way.  

Enjoy your event.

Masonic Ladies Dinners

The Masonic Ladies Night is often the highlight of the President's year, and the importance of a partner and guests' support is high on the agenda.

A Toastmaster brings that level of formality and professionalism with that touch of friendliness that is so vital for a successful occasion.

David has experience of these events and can also assist beforehand in making sure the evening goes as planned.

Corporate Events

It is important to make a great first impression with a new client, or at a corporate event with your teams.  What better way to make an impression than by having a Toastmaster?  


David will lead proceedings, delivering clear and professional announcements.  He will run your event seamlessly, giving you the freedom to spend precious time with your guests. 

Parties or Lunches

There is nothing that says who you are more than having a professional Toastmaster as Master of Ceremonies at your lunch or party.

How can you enjoy your own party or special occasion when everyone is asking you questions, or you are shepherding people to be at the right place at the right time.


A Toastmaster will discreetly and professionally guide your guests and proceedings whilst allowing you to enjoy yourself.

Fundraising Events

Why not use the professionalism of a Toastmaster acting as Master of Ceremonies at your charity dinner?  Having trained countless people on “How to Fundraise at your Event”, David would be an asset not only on the day, but in planning as well. 


Throughout your event, David would ensure the sequence of activities run smoothly, whilst making professional announcements and introductions, maintaining correct etiquette and protocol at all times.

Traditional Etiquette

If you are hosting an event where correct precedence is wanted or required, David has the knowledge needed to introduce and address your guests correctly using their titles, honours or awards.  

David will provide what is needed with dignity and discretion, ensuring a professionalism you can be proud of.