Duties before the Event

The Toastmaster's Role before an event is just as important as during the event.  I will:

  • Listen to what you want on your day, whether your function is formal or informal. 

  • Guide you on etiquette and timings.

  • Provide advice on speeches, including method of delivery, content and length (if required).

  • Provide advice and suggestions for additional 'nice' touches.

  • Ensure there is a clear workable running order.

  • Provide adhoc advice on any aspect.  

Duties during the Event
  • Liaise with venue staff, catering manager and other important suppliers.

  • Announce you and your guests according to the etiquette and protocol for the occasion.

  • Provide clear and professional announcements.

  • Introduce and announce speeches and toasts.

  • Announce and introduce guest speakers and VIP guests who may be speaking.

  • Keep the event to the pre-agreed times and schedule.

  • Run charity, auction or other fundraising ideas.

At a Wedding
  • Liaise with the Banqueting Manager.

  • Greet Bride and Bride Groom on arrival.

  • Assist the photographer in arranging groups

  • Greet and direct guests.

  • Announce the entrance of Bride and Bridge Groom.

  • Announce, or say, Grace, as required.

  • Make clear and professional announcements for speakers, toasts and in general throughout the day.

  • Announce the cutting of the cake.

  • Assist with the handing out of bouquets and gifts to mothers and bridesmaids.

  • Deal with those small, but niggly, issues throughout the event.

  • Be available to assist with adhoc duties.